Saturday May 15, 2021

Getting to know the person as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit isn’t power. Difference between getting to know someone or to become familiar. Becoming acquainted is letting your hair down. He is a person. The Holy Spirit is quiet. Hetero is of a different kind. Allos, meaning of the same kind. Most people don’t know how to be honest with the Holy Spirit. I find that God respects you when you are honest with Him. You want the power but, your not going to have the power without the person. When you learn to obey God then, you’ll be anointed. He is interested in you. He wants to have an encounter with you. Walking with the Spirit (Marie gave a testimony).

Job 22:1     John 16:12-16     Philippians 2:1

Philippians 4:19, vs. 15 ( tithe scripture)