Faith To Be Healed Is Not Faith In God

Saturday January 23, 2021

Gospel means good reason. God talks to you in your language. He prepares us for others. Good God, bad devil. Identify with the reality of the Bible. You are responsible for what you hear. Faith in God is always the subject. Why are we pleased without faith? What do you believe about God? Don’t let faith become mechanical. Become faith sensitive. There’s nothing between you and your blessing. Prayer for healing of an ear took place. Prayer against fever and the fear of an infection took place. Prayer for breaking the habit of smoking took place. Stir up within yourself  and run the race. For what I want to do is here. It’s time for revival. It’s time to recognize the kingdom of God in a greater way.
Acts 14:7     Mark 5     Luke 18:18     Hebrews 11:6