Seeing The Impossible

Wednesday June 24, 2020

Apostle Dale Armstrong read out of 2 King 2:8 and Deuteronomy 21:14. We as a church have been blinded by assumptions.  Hebrews 2:10, ask for another comforter to come. The gift always come with a condition. Pastor Larry mentioned what God had given him. First , you got to take care of your physical body. Secondly, you have to stay on tract  with Me. You got to desire scripture. You don’t play with the gifts of the Spirit. We got to depend on God. Negative words are a curse. Look up to the mountain. Pray for big things. Lift your eyes off of the fig tree. If you see these things. The plan for your destiny is written on the inside. The reward is that double portion. We cannot afford to loose the power of of God