Pass The Submission Test

Tuesday June 23, 2020

The point of your pencil is a lot sharper than your mind. Write down everything the the Lord gives you. Luke 2:51, God is dealing with the heart. Take counsel and rest. Don’t quit before meeting your goal. The testing doesn’t come to an end. If you don’t know what what God is working on you about then, ask Him. We are subject to fail but, it doesn’t mean that you give up and quit. Don’t dismiss submission to authority. You’re not going to advance in the call of of God til you pass the test. Sometimes you got to take the test more than once. Apostle Dale read from 1 Peter 5. God told Apostle Dale that He couldn’t trust him because of the pride. To whom do we submit to? You are not to submit to an office. We are to submit to relationships. Relationships, submit one to another. Also submit to the Word. Submit to the mighty hand of God. Submit to to God’s anointing.