Who Is The Real You?

Sunday December 30, 2018

Apostle Dale Armstrong read from 1 Peter 4:1 and mentioned that your mind is a weapon. Apostle Dale read from Romans 8:1, it reflected the opinion of ow people think of what words mean. Talks about sin nature. We are to walk according to the Spirit. Your mind should be on the will of the Father or you can mind the will of the Father. There is a sin nature in man. It will be sin if you do something contrary to your nature. Identity means a lot. Put your body under, keep your body under. Apostle Dale read from Romans 6:12. Sin reigns in you mortal body. The physical body is not the real you. Apostle Dale referenced 1 Thessalonians 35:22. Apostle Dale read from Mark 7, the true Spirit of man wants righteousness.  There was no new birth or guilty conscious. He read from Mark 7:20, Jesus was speaking. Apostle Dale read from Galatians 5:16, the spirit and flesh are contrary. Christian still sin because of their flesh. We need to walk in the Spirit. To get to a place of holiness to fast to get to a place of a break through (get born again). Arm yourself, deliberately choose love.