Sunday November 4, 2018

Apostle Dale Armstrong read from Galatians 6:7, asking the Lord quite humbly where you are deceived at. Everything has significance. Actions are seeds. Some who are deserving and some who are not deserving. Those who are, they are of the household of  faith. Moral courage to choose. Apostle Dale read from Psalms 149:5. We fail to believe the book of Romans. If it wasn’t for the grace of God. His grace covers us. Ezekiel 22:30, why we intercede. There is a role of God’s church to be the sector. If the church will stand and say what is right. Judgment is a good thing. An absence of judgment brings lawlessness and sin. If we don’t have courage out on the sidewalks then we don’t have courage in our prayer life. Just as there is a harvest of blessing, there is a harvest of judgment. God honors delegated authority. Apostle Dale read from Proverbs 10:22Proverbs 11:31Psalms 9:16Psalms 58:11, and Jeremiah 5:4. If we forget the judgement of God we would get off course. Intercession, God uses you to stand in between. The way of the Lord, you need to see it. The way of the Lord comes before the great judgement of God. Learn about the way of the Lord, Psalms 9:16.