The Law of Cause and Effect

Sunday October 28, 2018

Apostle Dale Armstrong read out of Proverbs 26, sowing and reaping. As the bird by wonders swallowed by flying. In determinate. If you don’t watch them you don’t see the details. So the curse causeless it shall not come. “In the supernatural sphere there is a law of cause and effect”. That law you can cooperate with it. I am not saying you can manipulate it or control it. You can cooperate with it because it is God’s law. Electricity when it is controlled it is a blessing. When it is not controlled it is a curse. The wages of sin is death and most of us don’t believe we should have those wages. Ig your view of sin is weak than you view of grace will be weaker still. When you understand the terror of sin than you will understand the greatness of God’s grace and mercy. Galatians 6:7, I want to live in His grace. Don’t be deceived. Where the tree falls that is where it ends. God is not mocked. No matter how many good thing you do you cannot be saved. There is a life of salvation ,  a fullness of life. If you sow the flesh you going to reap corruption. If you reap to the Spirit you will reap life. 1) The words that you are the words that you sow. Psalms 34, keep your tongue from speaking evil. 2) Look for opportunities to give because you begin to create momentum that would push you further in the right direction. 3) Actions, taking the step in helping someone. Be sensitive to the atmosphere. We need to recognize that life has consequences. Matthew 6, you give and you  give the right way then you would get a reward from the Father. God blesses now. Galatians 6:9, keep giving. You want to sow to the Spirit!