Capture What it Takes To Succeed

Sunday March 25, 2018

Apostle Dale Armstrong spoke out of Deuteronomy 6:23, bondage meaning the past. God makes promises . We need to realize that it takes work. Things just don’t happen. It takes time, work,  and effort. Capture what it takes to succeed. When you think it’s one way and it is not, you will get disappointed. Recognize that you are building your life every time you open the bible. You are not looking for a quick fix. When you open your bible you are swinging a sledge hammer. He brought you out to get you into His promises. The coming out of Egypt by analogy of faith is the experience of the believer in new birth but, we just don’t stay there. There are actions we are to take in our Christian lives from babes, sons, and fathers.  Recognition in doing God’s will and getting to where God wants you to be. Apostle Dale referenced 1 Corinthians 10, this is for us. Apostle Dale read from Ephesians 6, the first promise had been made to the children. Honor your father and mother and it shall be well with you. Teach the children at a young age. We ought to be getting our kids’ interested in long life. Choices are important. The old testament was written for our sake and displays His promises. Some will posses His promises and some will not. An unpossessed promise does not weaken God’s promises. Apostle Dale talked about when he first got fill with the Holy Spirit. He thought to himself that there were two types of Christians. There were those that always wondered why people don’t receive. Then there were those who wondered why people to receive. He mentioned that if you spend your time studying why people don’t receive, then you’ll learn not to receive. If you spend your time studying why people receive, then you’ll learn to receive.  There are things that will destroy you, but you have to cut it off. Colossians 3:1, your focus on life is everything. There is no way that selfishness remains why are giving. Your value system isn’t on earthly things. Matthew 6:33, set your affection on things above. “If somebody is going to get it’s going to be me.” Apostle Dale gave a testimony of a missions trip he went on in the Philippines. If you are dealing with an addiction, get your mind off the addiction and get it on to Jesus. You thinking about the problem is not the solution. Keep your eyes on Jesus, worship Him!