Saturday January 27, 2018

Pastor Bruce Ladabu talked about how we need to see ourselves as the Lord sees us. Pastor Bruce read Luke 4:17 and John 14. We have small portions of the church doing what they are suppose to do. Pastor Ladabu read Ephesians 4. He mentioned that  a church that does not evangelize will fossilized, quoted by another author. We have to become the living church. Pastor Ladabu read from John 8:31. Abide means to live in permanently. Disciple is a disciplined follower of Jesus Christ. 1) You must believe in Jesus. 2) Live permanently in Jesus, abide in the word. 3) Become disciples.  We need to seek out someone to disciple us. Romans 12, present you bodies as a living sacrifice to God. You can’t connect with God unless you have a transformed mind. Pastor Bruce read from Matthew 8 and Matthew 9:27. Jesus wants you to dream so big. Get a vision. We haven’t stepped out. You are a champion of God. You have to understand that the power is within you, anyone filled with the Holy Spirit. Faith begins when the Will of God is found. Meditate and memorize the Word. It will begin to change you. Don’t look at your circumstances. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Pray and obey. Pastor Bruce mentioned that we are to know God, find freedom, and discover your purpose. God wants to make us into warriors. We all have stuff that may anchor us down. Our hearts desire should be that we want to cleanse ourselves of the junk. God wants to utilize us for His kingdom.