Prayer: The Will of God

Sunday January 20, 2013

(Kevin Burrows shared a vision the Lord showed him, and there was an altar call for repentance of unforgiveness. Kathy Neff told about a picture she had about receiving our inheritance.) Sermon: John 15:1-7. The goal of our Christian walk is to abide in Jesus. Don’t get your eyes on the fruit but on abiding and seeking God. The first indication of fruit in a disciple’s life is answered prayer. If you’re abiding in Him, then ask what you desire. The only reason Jesus prayed, “If it be Your will,” is that He didn’t know the Father’s will. We can know what His will is by reading His Word. Abiding is being at home with God, thinking like He does, seeing things like He does. When we know His will, we can be confident that we’ll get what we pray (1 John 5:14). Don’t pray, “If it is Your will,” and if your prayers failed, don’t say it was God’s will not to answer it. Don’t blame God if your prayers failed, but agree with God’s Word (Mark 9:14), Abide, let the Word get in you, and stand in faith. You should have a daily time of prayer. Get into the presence of God. Consecrate to unite with the will of God. Ask for your daily bread. Forgive.