Encountering Islam #2- What is Islam

Friday October 5, 2012

O. M. Panicker, who was born and lived in Islamic countries and is based in Kenya, explains the eastern perspective of Islam and in what ways it is different from what we are told in America. He explains where the Muslims live, the two groups of Muslims, their holy places, what Islam is, what they believe, and what their goals are. There are more Muslims (2.1 billion) than Christians (2 billion). They believe that Islam is the first and last religion, that lying and killing are permitted; it’s the shortest and broadest way to God (their god- Allah). Their goals are to make Africa the first Islamic continent; they will take from the U. S. financially and then “kill the goat”; bring all people into submission; make Westerners think Islam is a peaceful religion by taking control of media, economics, politics, and bring confusion and chaos; rewrite the Koran (Qur’ an) into English, leaving out the violence and changing “Allah” to “God”, and calling it “The Holy Qur’ an” to make it like The Holy Bible.