The Christian Life: The New Creation

Sunday August 5, 2012

Offering message: Seed reproduces. Pastor Dale shares about the powerful reproduction of seed he planted in Russia and the life-change of three people from that ministry time. A woman’s gangrenous leg was completely healed, a pastor’s assistant was freed and a church was restored, and many churches, drug rehabs, and orphanages were started. Sermon message: The love of Christ surrounds us (2 Cor. 5:14).  The price of Jesus was paid for all; He died for you; live for Him (v.15). You are a new creation, not a makeover (v. 16), because the “old” you died, and a new creation was born. Jesus has committed the ministry and the word of reconciliation to us (v. 17-19). When you became a new creation, you became an ambassador for Christ (v. 20). God made Jesus to be sin for you (v. 21). When you were born again, your body didn’t change. Your body is not your identity, not the real “you”. Your desires and addictions are not you. What’s created “new”? It’s your spirit. You are a spirit having a soul and living in a body. Your body and your soul (mind, will, emotions) may want to sin (lusts of the flesh and of the eyes, the pride of life), but your spirit does not. You have to decide to transform your mind by feeding on the Word of God. Your spirit becomes alive immediately at the new birth, and with it comes the anointing of God, which teaches you and helps you make the right decisions (1 John 2:15-27).