The Christian Life: What’s in Your Wake

Sunday July 22, 2012

What follows after you? Praying in the Holy Spirit, healing, casting out demons? We as believers, not just the “pastors”, are to do Mark 16:14-18. (The Great Commission really was Jesus’ correcting the disciples for their unbelief and hardness of heart.) Be a witness, tell the truth of the gospel, and tell what you have seen God do. In Mark 6:1-6 the people who knew Jesus from His hometown were offended when He laid hands on the sick, and their unbelief stopped Jesus’ doing mighty works there. When there was unbelief, He taught more to build their faith. Don’t let the devil rob you of mighty works. Matt. 14:28┬ádemonstrates that faith is based on the Word of God and not on what you see or what has happened in the past. Use your faith so that it will grow, starting with where you are. Personalize Mark 16:17-18 by putting yourself in the verses. There was opportunity for people who sense there is ministry in their future and who are willing to lay their life aside for the gospel. “Here am I, Lord. Send me.”.