Speaker ‘Tim Ratcliffe’

Vision, Provision, Healing

Saturday October 29, 2022

Pastor Syd shares about divine appointments and connections, such as with Apostle Dale Armstrong, Tim Ratcliffe, and Prophet Bob Hawk.  (Deuteronomy 32:13). He shares how he met Tim at a Kenneth Copeland executive protection training. Later Tim gave him a confirming word about Turkey, which led to a connection with the Mirabellas in Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. Tim again gave him a confirming word: “Be faithful with what He is saying to you now.” Tim shares his testimony of having a pulmonary embolism and going into massive heart failure after surgery. He kept declaring words of victory and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Peace hit him, and he started laughing. The result was that he miraculously has no lung or heart damage. He could not work for ten months, and the Lord took care of them. Study the word “shalom,” which means nothing missing, nothing lacking, and nothing broken, and complete wholeness. Yield to the Lord. On August 24th his word for us was that it is the time and be yielded. Pastor Syd has bought the plane. Years ago Apostle Dale considered getting his pilot’s license, but the Lord told him, “I have a man for you.” Various words were given to Pastor Syd about: houses, buildings, and arenas; church plantings, thinking bigger and having a higher vision, getting his pilot’s license, and buying an airplane. The Lord gave him Isaiah 58:14 and “Honey from the rock”