Speaker ‘Grady Pickett’

Grady Pickett

Sunday July 16, 2017

A time of prayer and worship had taken place. Psalm 34 had also been sung from. Grady Pickett has been in North Iraq for seven and a half years and studied in Amman Jordan for two and a half years. “Before you reach for your frozen burrito be sure to pray for your amigo”, was mentioned by Grady. Prayer is much needed. He had severed in the Marine core for a number of years. Grady said he was always getting into trouble and had a grandmother that prayed for him. He mentioned how he was a wild man and would go to church. It was a repetition of that. He mentioned about how he was a selfish man. “What have you done for me?” Was said by the Lord when He first spoke to Grady. Grady mentioned that he had really stopped to think about that. He always been a taker and was selfish. He mentioned that he didn’t give anything back and that he only went to church to hang out with his friends. When the Lord had spoke to him, that had been a turning point in his life. True north meaning a life truly live for the Lord. He had heard the bible being taught passionately for the first time. Grady heard the calling to be a missionary. He had gotten into a bible college then went to a homeless shelter going to school. It was there that the Lord was reteaching Grady some things. In talking about worship, God gives us the psalms to show us what praise and worship can be like. looking at the book of John, Grady goes on to talk about how by faith anything is possible. He refereed to it as it being like a check book to heaven. He mentions that you would not drain that bank account dry and that it is sitting there waiting for you. That we are to start making withdraws and get our mouths in line with the Word of God in what He wants us to do on this earth. Nothing is impossible with Him. He just needs someone who is going to step out in faith and do something scary. The gifts of the Holy Spirit is what got him kicked out of bible college. Grady saw that the gifts were also for today. Grady saw that the gifts of the Spirit will be his ministry tool box.Grady talks about how he had cast out the devil from a man and that it was the first time that he had experienced that.

Three things the Lord gave Grady to do. 1.Big back packing trip around the world. 2.Start learning Arabic. 3. Go to Iraq. Grady mentioned that obedience has its rewards. He had met his wife through an email. Grady goes on to talk about the various areas that he had been to. In some areas it was like a biblical exodus with the wars going on. Kings and presidents were on the run. Basirma Refugee Camp had been created due to there not being any more food or fuel. Grady started a bread project and had support from Christians all over the world. After some of the things that Grady and his wife experience he questioned himself, “Have I made the right decision?” Psalm 41 was read from by Grady. Grady goes on to tell about what God has called him to do. A video was played that gave an insight and testimonies of how the Picketts are being used by God. Pastor Sydney closes in prayer in blessing Grady and his family.