Who Is the Blessed Man

Sunday May 4, 2014

Who is the blessed person? Is it the person living in a multi-million dollar home along Malibu Beach, or is it the young woman in Iran who is imprisoned and beaten and shamed for her faith in Jesus Christ? Is it riches or what is it? A blessing is a spiritual thing. In Genesis 18:18God said that through Abraham every nation would be blessed. That didn’t mean that the Jews would give money to all the nations. It meant that blessing would come through spiritual experience. What we receive from Christ is salvation and eternal life. We get blessed when someone gets saved through us. Revelation 5:12 mentions blessings separately from riches. We are of the blessing of Jacob. Even though his father-in-law and brother were against him, and everything seemed to be taken from him, God blessed him, and from him we have blessed generations. Multiplication is part of blessing. Pastor Arthur told a story of a woman who had two other children and was going to have an abortion because her husband died. Pastor Arthur ministered to her, and his church supported her and her children. Today that youngest child is one of the lead dancers in the Russian ballet. Blessing is creative. Determine and choose what a true blessing is. You will have battles and persecution, but desire to be a blessed person. The church is to bring the truth of spiritual blessing. Be blessed and be filled with the Holy Spirit.