Water in the Wilderness and Rivers in the Desert

Sunday March 20, 2011

Isaiah 43:15-21 Remember not the former things. Behold, God is doing a new thing. Now it will spring forth, and we will know it! God will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Many Christians are weary, and there is a dryness in them. God has promised us a promised land, but if we believe lies, if we don’t give ourselves to Him as #1 priority, and if we get tired in the everyday battle against Satan, we will be in a dry place. God gives drink to His people, because He has formed us for Himself and for His praise. He wants to water us. Repentance is necessary for revival. What does it mean to “drink”? It is to irrigate, to furnish a portion to, to moisten, to water, to soak, to absorb; a consciousness that we live by the intangible; condoning fellowship; giving drink to a thirsty one condones compassion; to receive into one’s soul what refreshes and nourishes; participation in relationships; a desire for God that only He can satisfy. We must become gluttons for and soak in His presence. Other scriptures: Ps. 42:1,2; Ps. 63:1-8; Ps. 143:6; Isaiah 44:3, 4. The rivers of living water are His Spirit. God’s fire brings into being a sanctified life. He will rip out the things that don’t belong in us, because we were created for fellowship with Him. Drink into your heart and absorb and partake of a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. (There was ministry to anyone wanting ministry to receive an impartation of the fresh living water and rivers of the Holy Spirit. Testimonies: Robert Cox shared a testimony of God’s supernatural power manifested in his life in a time of total breakdown. Bob and Sharon Hawk told of the healing miracle in Sharon’s mother’s body and how they stood on the Word because her mother is a giver to the poor and a tither.