Watch! and Be Witnesses in These Last Days

Wednesday May 4, 2011

II Tim. 3:1-5 tells about the perilous times of the last days. This passage of scripture is describing our present time. In Acts 1:6-11 we are told that we are to be witnesses of Jesus Christ, because the Holy Spirit has come upon us. Mark 13:32-37 is a call to watch and pray. We have Jesus Christ’s authority to minister- to work. Prayer is our assignment. Allow the blood of Jesus to cleanse you and be alert and awake, not letting Satan to pull you down. Maintain the mind of Christ, and don’t take on the cares of the world. This is a time to use your faith and not be self-deceived. We represent Jesus and He will never leave us. He needs us to walk in His power and demonstration of Jesus. Joel 3:0 Prepare for war and wake up the mighty men of war (spiritual warfare), because multitudes are in the valley of indecision. Be bold. Rom. 13:8-14 Love one another and pray for the deception to be broken off of people. Assist people to make a decision for Christ and make no provision for the flesh by putting on Jesus. I Cor. 15 tells us to wake to righteousness and sin not. Be people of truth and worship God in Spirit and truth. Get rid of the complacency, deception, and hidden things in your heart. You are not getting away with anything. Will you walk worthy of the Lord? Do your reflect Jesus?