Victory Over Unbelief

Sunday January 20, 2019
Pastor Sydney Ropp I will make known His faithful love and His praise worthy acts. Because of all the Lord has done for us, He has done for the house of Israel. It is based on His compassion. His abundant faithful love is why He has done what He has done for us. Pastor Sydney reference Revelations and talks about the one world system. There is a push to destroy men and the place that God has designed for them. 1 Corinthians 16:13, an encouragement for the men to stand firm.
Pastor Sydney read out of 1 Corinthians 10, we are going to look at victory over unbelief. There are two kinds of unbelief and we have to identify unbelief in our lives. Why do people go to hell? People go to hell and for one reason only, it is because of unbelief, Mark 16:16. Unbelief angers the Lord. Exodus 12:12, gave instruction as to where the blood is suppose to go on the door post. Pastor Sydney read from Mark 3:1.The Lord was angered and sorrowful. Unbelief leads to a hardness of heart. Hebrews 11:61 timothy 1:12-13, the first kind of unbelief in having lack of knowledge. Hebrews 3:7, the second kind of unbelief. They had belief to go out to the desert but, did not have faith to go out into the promise land, Hebrews 4. There are those who refuse to act on God’s word. You say you believe it but, you won’t  act upon it. The Lord can’t do anything for you if you are in unbelief. You limit Him. Pastor Sydney read from Psalms 78:41. We are the determining factor as to whether or not we get blessed. Mark 6:1, even Jesus was limited.