Undivided Devotion

Saturday August 13, 2022

Worship is honoring God. There are hindrances to worship. Show up on time. Cell phones are a distraction to focusing on God. Worshiping God is not like sitting and watching TV for hours. We are to lay aside every weight and sin and run the race (Hebrews 12:1). Lay aside what is on your mind. Anything that demands more of your attention is a god. Make God first. Jon shared about ripping a wooden idol off an Indian man’s neck and how he was set free. Get rid of your gods. What do you bring to church? There is a weightiness to worship, but the enemy brings counterfeits. We please God in our worship with our faith. Believe Him in the songs you sing and diligently seek Him. Look for opportunities to be with people in everyday evangelism. If what you wear causes people to think of something else, it is not a good thing. Am I a distraction to worship? There is a courtship with God, an atmosphere of romance. Reverence God. True worship costs you something- your time, effort, or money. Engage in worship with clapping, dancing, and rejoicing. Romans 12:1. Another definition of worship is your reasonable service, like the woman with the alabaster flask. Be a fool for God. You are peculiar because you praise God. What are you meditating on (Philippians 4:8)? Keep your heart with all diligence. Choose life. Our motive for worship is loving God. Surrender your heart, and walk in the Spirit. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Where do you live? Where is your dwelling place (Psalm 91)? Are you stepping out of the Spirit? Jon shared about getting a word of knowledge for a couple at Mardi Gras. Your assignment is to worship like you never did before.