Turn Your Circumstances to the Glory of God

Wednesday March 21, 2012

Don’t allow circumstances to cloud your mind or to measure your purpose. God has the solution for the circumstances if you take action in faith. When the Israelites complained because they didn’t have water (Ex. 15:22-26), Moses cried out to the Lord for the people. He engaged his faith to see the supernatural. In John 9:1-35 Jesus acted in compassion toward a blind man and healed him. The blind man had to act in faith to receive his sight in spite of the circumstances that the disciples questioned whose sin caused the blindness, that he had been blind all his life, that Jesus had spit and made a “slime” and put it on his eyes, and that he was told to wash in the pool of Siloam. Besides that, he was rejected and not believed by the Pharisees, and even his parents wouldn’t say how he was healed because they didn’t want to be kicked out of the synagogue. In verse 35 the blind man knew he was accepted by Jesus and worshiped Him. Don’t allow circumstances to cloud your mind and way, but engage your faith in God. We want God to receive the glory. A pure heart glorifies God. (I Cor. 10:31; John 14:13; Rev. 4:8; Phil. 1:11; Eph. 3:19)