True Disciples

Sunday July 23, 2017
Pastor Sydney read from Psalm 34. I will bless the Lord at all times.

That is in the good times, the bad times, and the best of time.

Pastor Sydney reads from Romans 5:17. He also mentions that there was a king named death who reigned. Kings reigned that was their job. “Death had been stripped of his authority and power and someone else remains in his place. His name is Jesus!” Pastor Sydney goes on to tell that he has wonderful news and mentions that the Lord wants us to rule and reign with Him. In addition to that, he mentions that we had been given great authority so that we are able to look at the destruction and to look at the things steeling from you. The sickness, disease, whatever it may be, to realize that you have authority. Some question, “Why am I in authority? Because the greater one lives inside of me.” Pastor Sydney mentioned that death reigned once, but much more they which receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life. He mentioned that it is not in the future or in heaven some day, but it is the now.

The Lords Revealing and Word of Encouragement 

The Lord showed Pastor Sydney that there is either one or maybe many people who are struggling with some thoughts. Struggling with what is in their minds with condemnation. John 8:23 was read out of, a verse to set us free. If He lives on the inside of you then you are not your own person anymore. You are not who you used to be. Pastor Sydney mentioned that he does not care how bad you were because you are not who you used to be. You are recreated, a new being, you are first and foremost a spirit of God. A spirit from God filled with the Spirit of God. Since you are a spirit, you have an eternal soul. You live in this flesh and bone body. When things of the flesh and body begin to get a hold of you and begin to talk to you. This is what you say to it, “You are from below, you are from beneath. I am from above.” Friends you have to separate between who you are and who this flesh is.  Who you are and who the devil wants you to be who you use to be. You have to draw a clear line of who you are now and who you were. I am from above. You[devil] are from beneath. So when the enemy comes to you, or puts a thought in your head do not take ownership of it. It’s not from you it is from beneath. Recognize it as such. That’s not mine. I don’t need to feel bad for that. That was from the enemy, that was from beneath. I am from above and I take no part in that thought. I am with the King and I reign with Him.  Oh Father I ask that You give this revelation right now, illuminate the mind of understanding in each one us to realize this great fact. That we are of You and that we are from You. Those things are from beneath right now those things that would want to come against you are not from us because we are of You. I thank You for this victory. I thank You for giving each person victory.” For causing them to reign, use the name of Jesus family.” Use that name when you come up against one of those problems. You say thought you are from beneath and I take authority over you by the authority of my King Jesus. Now you can’t bother me anymore. Tell Jesus on how great He is because you have the victory. You don’t have to walk in that condemnation anymore. No more bloody noses, but walking in freedom.

Word from the Lord through Kathy Neff


He said declare victory in my house, and we are the house. We are the house. You’re going to declare victory you must fill my house with praise. Make sure you fill your house with praise. The purpose of praise is to silence the foe and the avenger. 


Tithe Message:
Verse of deliverance for your finances Psalm 34:1. Pastor Sydney describes David being a man on the run. Looking at Him results in the reflection of joy.  Psalm 34:6 cause David poor. The opposite of poor is being rich. God does not want you to be poor. If one believes that it could be that he hasn’t gotten the understanding or the revelation of God’s character. Money can buy happiness. Money can’t buy joy, that only comes from the Lord. God abundance coming to you. Pastor Sydney has been praying for bigger needs because God’s word states that He would meet every need. Psalm 34:8, Taste and see that the Lord is good….those that fear Him lack nothing. God is not a God of poverty. Young lion signifies a hungry lion, a lion willing to attack. The young lions are full of strength. Keep your tongue away from evil. Your lips from deceitful speech. Don’t speak out doctrines of demons. Speak I am blessed even when I face the mountain. When you face adversity stand on His word. See into the unseen realm. God has delivered us from poverty and from lack. Pastor Sydney prayed over the tithe and a blessing over God’s people.

Pastor Sydney then talks about Mission Sunday. We are in a new season at Church of the Word. Focusing on our vision with missions for both here and abroad.

James 5

Pastor Sydney talked about calling on the elders for prayer. Tom Fuss is prayed for. Pastor Sydney wants the people to know that coming before the congregation to pray as one is how it should be done. He dose not want people to feel as though they are bothersome. To do just like it is written in the Word. When there is someone sick to call on the elders, to be anointed, and prayed for by.The Lord is the great physician.

Word from the Lord through Leo Neff for Tom Fuss

It is only symptoms it is not fact. Its the devil trying to discourage you. Don’t think that this is just for your physical eyes. God wants to change some other things in you in how you see some things and it is great, it’s good, and it’s wonderful. Don’t give up.

This season is foundational for the season that we are into. God is love and it is so much more profound because He said it.

Main Message

Pastor Sydney spoke out of John 8:30. He mentions that truth does not set you free. You have to do truth in order to be set free. Looking at Adam and Eve, they did not do truth that caused them to be in bondage. Many times we don’t come higher then the demons. We have to come higher than just believing we have to be a doer. Are you a disciple or are you just a believer. Pastor Sydney does not want us to get into condemnation but for us to recognize the truth and be a doer. When you come in one do go out a different way or as a changed person. John 14:12 was read out of. We are to keep His commandants if we love Him. As a church we believe God loves us, but yet that is where we stop. We need to stop incorporating Him into our lives. We need to start living like it is the only life. Every moment, every day, every life matters. It ends with us. We need to stop waiting for the other believers to their job. You are the other believers. We’ve been operating as orphans. We are not without help. Pastor Sydney encourages us to just be brave, rely on God, and do His work. Pastor Sydney talks about how the Holy Spirit works on the people and they open the door themselves, which gives opportunity for the love of God to be shown to them.

Mike Frede had given encouragement and talks about how the Lord is leading him in restructuring their busy schedule to be able to do the work of the Kingdom.