Think a New Thought and Be Bold

Sunday January 30, 2011

Mats Ola from Moscow challenges us to think what we have not thought before. In John 4, Jesus shocked His disciples and the woman at the well. He broke barriers by talking to a woman, first of all, and to a Samaritan secondly. The Jews did not do this! What was the result? A village and then a whole region was opened to the Gospel. The first step is: BELIEVE GOD FOR NEW STEPS, THE ABILITY TO SEE OPPORTUNITIES, AND THE RELEASE OF THE CREATIVE GIFT IN YOU. In I Cor. 2:9 we are told that we have not seen or heard and known in our hearts what things God has prepared for those who love Him. Mats Ola tells of a time he was called on to do something “impossible” (turn a glass right-side up with a tennis ball in it), but the Spirit of God showed him how to do it, and he shocked everyone there. In Acts 13:2 the Spirit clearly told the believers that Barnabas and Saul were to be separated for the work He had for them, but they had to seek Him to get the details (Acts 16:6). Mats Ola tells how he was led by the Spirit to go to a home group instead of to a big Christian concert and how he had to seek God and not give up in adopting his twin children. The unlimited is in us. Don’t give up too quickly! Think about your life in God. Ask: Where am I fruitless? Is there something lacking? Where am I stagnant? The second step is: BE BOLD TO DO SOMETHING YOU HAVE NOT DONE BEFORE. Know that there will be resistance, especially in the getting-started stage! It takes more force to get the train started than to keep it going. There are seeds of revelation in us, but there are hindrances and postponements. In II Kings 2 Elisha knew Elijah was going home, so he asked for a double portion of the anointing. He had a challenge when he saw Elijah go. Would the double portion work for him? Standing by the Jordan River with the sons of the prophets watching him to see what he would do, he had to be bold and believe that he had what he asked for. It was a risk, but he took it and the water divided. BE BOLD!