The Mother of Jesus Was There

Saturday September 20, 2014

“The Mother of Jesus Was There”

Text: John 2:1-12. On the third day of a wedding celebration Mary was there as an invited guest, along with Jesus and His disciples. Mary was the first one mentioned. The third day was a resurrection day. Ask yourself why you are here at CWI. Without an answer you cannot be a blessing. We have to find our purpose. Adam was in the Garden of Eden to protect it and to be fruitful and to multiply. He had a job to do. We are to contribute to the kingdom of God. Mary was a game-changer at the wedding celebration. She was ready to be used by God to make changes. Weddings in this culture lasted seven days, and it was a shame and unheard of to run out of wine and water on the second day. When there is nothing in the natural, look to the supernatural, because there is no lack there. #1) God used Mary, not because she was the mother of Jesus, but because she was available. She gave herself as a living sacrifice to the Lord. We must be available and willing. God is always looking for someone to stand in the gap. (Ezekiel22:30; Isaiah 6:8) #2) She was used by God because she took their problem as her own. Jesus was moved with compassion. Missionaries must take other people’s problems as their own to go to hard places. Pastor Dale is a game-changer because he has compassion for the Ukrainians. Ezekiel sat where the captives sat for seven days to feel what they felt (Ezekiel 3:15). We cannot serve people if we do not feel their pain. #3) She sought Jesus for the solution. The answer is in Jesus, and He should be the solution to all of our problems. Go to Him first. (Psalm 121:1-2) God is our help. Come to Him, and He will give you rest. The throne of grace is a place of rest between heaven and earth. Sit in heavenly places before walking. #4) She acted by faith. She believed that the wedding would continue to the seventh day. She was sure of a miracle. Jesus’ response to asking why she would involve Him was because He was not in the realm of time. He was the beginning and the end. She said the servants were to do whatever He said. Pastor Demeke shared about his niece who was told by three doctors that she had breast cancer. She declared that God would heal her. She recently was given a test, and there is no cancer there, praise the Lord! Faith works! This is the third day for CWI. It is a time of resurrection and restoration. God is stepping in. A new chapter is starting. Step in and drink the new wine.