The Secret Place

Sunday November 5, 2017

John Lehman mentioned that God moves mountains. He also encourages us not to get discouraged and when losing sight of things to ask God to show you the mountains He has moved in the past. John mentions that God’s word never changes. We make promises but, being human we sometimes don’t follow through. God is always faithful. He’s never failed me yet. John encourages us to go on a journey with God. “Secrets of the Secret Place,” by Bob Sorge was the book John encouraged us to read. Father is how we should refer to God. He wants us to know that He is the Father. Using the word “Father” we have the same inheritance. Psalm 91:1-2 is what John read from. John uses the example of how when we were kids, we would meet in the secret place with all of our friends. Genesis 3:8 John referred to. He also referenced Matthew and Luke, there was a time of refreshing. In that time of meeting with the Father, direction, strength and recharge comes.  In the book of Daniel, Daniel was in captivity and thrown into a lion’s den but, he was not touched. Daniel survived the lion’s den because he went to the secret place. John referred to the movie “War Room”. He also talked about there needing to be change within. God is asking us to go and meet with Him. To build a deep relationship with Him. Our benefit to being God’s child is that He does move mountains. However, God wants to be and do more than just that. God wants to have a relationship with us. Matthew 11:29, another reason why we are to meet God in the secret place. Going to the secret place is to get rest. Your soul will find rest. Being at a restful state brings clarity and purpose to your soul. Psalm 46:1, God is our refuge and strength. When we try to the move the mountains ourselves everything starts to hurt, like your back for example. Matthew 6:6, shut every distraction out to get into that secret place with God. “There is no panic in the secret place”. Listening is a priority. God wants to fellowship with His children. Confession also takes place in the secret place. Be bold and say things to the Father that you would never say to anyone else. Worship also takes place in the secret place. Thanksgiving is what we do in the secret place. Your mountain being moved would encourage someone else in their mountain being moved. Another thing to do in the secret place is praying and talking to the Father. John challenges us to change the distance between us and the Father. John had us close our eyes and ask God for a picture of us (you and Him).