The One

Sunday February 14, 2010

Dominic Russo, international evangelist, who ministered to the youth at their retreat/conference this weekend, exhorts CWI to seek for the lost “one”. How do you reach that “one”? 1) Feel the “one”. Go to where the people are and be consumed with finding that “one”. Jesus reconciled us to God and gave us the ministry of reconciliation. 2) Locate the “one”. God has given us a global mission. There are 66,000 unreached people who die every day, and we are so privileged and blessed. We must have a global vision. 3) Go to the “one”, no matter what! Leave your comfort zone. Dominic ministered to those who are willing to go to the “one”, and Dominic and Lindsey laid hands to give an impartation to those who have a call to be evangelists. Pastor Bob gave a word to the Russos.