The Kingdom of God Part 9 (The Keys To The Kingdom)

Wednesday February 20, 2013

Matt. 16:13-19 When Jesus told Peter that God revealed to him that Jesus is the Messiah, He said that Peter was a rock (like a piece of rock) and on the rock (the bedrock) He would build His Church. The bedrock is that Jesus is the Messiah. (Pastor Syd referred to Daniel 2:31-35, 44-46. God will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed.) Jesus gave us the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Keys are authority, and authority was given to Jesus and He gave it to us to go and make disciples. The keys are that we can bind and loose. In fact, it’s our responsibility to bind and to loose on earth (Matt. 16:18). Don’t pray for what you need to speak to. Jesus lived totally by faith, which is seeing things in the spiritual realm that you can’t see in the natural realm. Jesus used the keys of speaking, loosing, and binding. He did great works as a man by the anointing of God. Speak to the mountain. Declare what you need to declare, rather than asking the Father in prayer for what He has given you the authority to do. Use your authority. Operate with the keys. We are authorized to do even greater works than He did (John 14:12-13). Use His authority to do His will. Speak to your problem. Declare what should be in your body and circumstances.