The Kingdom of God Part 3

Wednesday December 19, 2012

Offering message: Pastor Syd shared how the Lord blessed him when he was obedient to give to the Lord the only money he had.  Sermon Texts: Matt. 16:24-28; Luke 12:29-34; Luke 19:10-24. What you do for the kingdom of God will last forever. How much of your effort and time is spent on earthly things? We are to take all that God has given us and use it for the kingdom. (1 John 3:1-2) We are here for a short time, so spend your time on what matters. Looking out  for your own interest is burying what God has given you. Luke 18:18-30 tells us that we will receive many times more for what we leave behind for the kingdom of God, and we have eternal life in the world to come. Value the kingdom of God. The things we need are a by-product of seeking and serving God.