The Hour of Visitation

Wednesday March 24, 2010

Mark 10:46-52 (The healing of blind Bartimaeus). Pradeep Perera of Sri Lanka teaches and speaks prophetically about the time we are in. There will be a shifting, new giftings, new doors opening, an opportune time, but we cannot hold on to the old ways. In order to receive we need to hear what Jesus is saying, not the secular news media. Focus on Jesus and the Word. We must have a spiritual breakthrough before a natural one. Blind Bartimaeus acted on the faith of what he heard about and from Jesus. Just like Hannah, who cried out to God for a child and made a vow to Him, we must be willing to pay a price. There will be doubters and adversities that will try to stop the hour of visitation, but press in and go from victim to victorious. Use adversity to climb into your success. Brokenness is the key to the opening of the heavens for you. PRESS INTO GOD’S PRESENCE. Praise God and He will raise you. Throw away any insecurities that are hindrances- whether unhealthy associations, habits, or the past. Pursue Jesus and His presence. Pradeep ministered and prophesied over those wanting ministry.