The Blood Covenant

Saturday April 19, 2014

Pastor Sydney shared his testimony of his salvation and peace in a serious accident. Because of what Jesus did for us in the New Covenant, we can come boldly into the throne room. Covenant means to cut where blood flows. It is a binding, unending agreement with one another. Jesus’ covenant is unending. In a covenant each person loses his own identity and individuality. Some covenants were made by cutting wrists and intermingling the blood and then catching the blood in a cup of wine and then each one drank it. Sometimes an animal is cut in half with parts opposite each other. The participants would walk through the blood to the other person and so on. It’s because of the blood that we can see glory. Hebrews 8:6-10 tells us that Jesus is the Mediator of a better covenant. Abram and God made the first blood covenant (Genesis 15). Each animal God told him to bring to Him symbolized something: the cow (wealth), the goat (strength), the ram (political power and favor), the turtledove (love forever), and the young pigeon (dependency). David and Jonathan had cut a covenant (1 Samuel 18; 2 Samuel 9). God’s covenant never weakens. Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins (Hebrews 9:11-10:23). Jesus’ sacrifice was done once. Jesus took away the first covenant (Hebrews 10:9). We should not lack because of our covenant (Psalm 23:1). He restores our soul. He leads us on the right path. We don’t need to fear evil even when we are in the valley of the shadow of death. He prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. This is our covenant meal. We participated in the Lord’s communion.