True Worship

Sunday July 16, 2017
Pastor Sydney mentioned that we are not to take for granted our time together. Jesus promise to never leave nor forsake us, that is an individual promise. He talks about corporate anointing and the promises of God. Whatever we bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven. We do not rely on the worship team to be up front singing.”You are the worship team, Pastor Sydney mentioned. What is worship? John 4 Jesus is speaking to the lady at the well. “‘John 4:23 but an hour is coming and is now here when the true worshipers…'”, Pastor Sydney read. What is a true worshiper. They will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. true worshiper in opposition to a fake worshiper. Our worship is not based on our feeling. Feelings are in the soulish and flesh realm. We get to minister to the Lord. Because I’m lead by His Spirit. I am here to serve Him and to wait on Him. Pastor Sydney talks about King Saw. Samuel said to Saw, obedience is better than sacrifice. The Word to say sing, shout, and clap unto the Lord no matter how we are feeling. Truth means not concealed. Pastor goes on to share his experience on what worship was like for him and back then the worship was done on the inside. Praise is bragging on boasting the Lord. Thankful is the expression of grateful acknowledgement. Adoration of our Father.

The Father longs for our worship.Feelings are changeable. 2 Chronicles 20. Worship does generate from your feelings. Pastor Sydney shares a story on where he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. That he just started thanking the Lord and all of a sudden was full of like and joy, his feelings had changed. Psalm 34, was read out of. Praise to be clear, to shine, to make a show, to boast, and thus be glamorously foolish. On purpose celebrate. Psalm 100 was read out of. Praise means hymns or singing. Bless means to kneel in worship. The Psalms are full of telling us to lift up our hands, to shout, to praise. Pastor Sydney talks about sports in regards to the first action that occurs when your particular team is winning. The first thing we do is raise up our hands. It’s a natural response of mankind that God has hardwired into us that when we have victory we just lift up our hands. That is what we do when we praise Him. Pastor Sydney read from Psalm 63. Pastor Sydney told a story about how his dog had worship him and adored him. the illustration of how we are to be to Him. Praise means to address in a loud tone. The master is our safe place. Praise and worship isn’t something that just happens here at the church it is a lifestyle. He’s a practical God.

Pastor Sydney shared with the congregation how much money was gifted to Sky and Noelle Barkley, who were our guest speakers at the July 9, 2017 service. Pastor Sydney also shared the Chief of police’s gratitude and thanks for the invitation and prayers from the congregation. Pastor Sydney also shared with the congregation that a fruit basket that was gifted to him, that him and his wife had given it to the police department and prayed for the gentleman that had received the basket. Later on that very same officer had been in the newspaper for and act of heroism, which goes to show that our prayers for protection does make an impact.