Sunday Sept 17

Sunday September 17, 2017
Matthew 6
 is what Pastor speaks out of. Don’t forget to stay in the state of mind on when you believe that God will meet all your needs whether it a season of plenty or not. Pastor Sydney references Proverbs 19. Worry is a form of atheism and imaging life without God. Faith is saying no that God is going to be there. Kingdom becomes two words. King for his domain or authority of the king. Dom for the king’s domain. Seek first the Kingdom of God.

Main Message:
Being added is natural but, being multiplied is supernatural. His ability is multiplied to you. How does it come to you? It comes to you through the knowledge of God. It is important to share the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Share what you know and share your testimony. Do your part in the natural realm.  He has given us divine nature escaping the corruption of the world. The Lord does His part be we are to take part in it also with His help. Weakness strips people of authority. Keep a clean conscious. People are looking at their past mistakes. Receive forgiveness of your past from God

Pastor Sydney talks about times of uncertainty lies ahead. Pastor Sydney encourages us not to be in fear but, to be in great cheer. The Lord is already here. You need not to fear and you need not to tremble!