Spirit Led Living

Sunday October 29, 2017

Pastor Sydney mentioned that you fulfilling your purpose and your destiny depends upon your ability to hear and be led by the Spirit of God. He gave a couple of examples of when he followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Sydney references 1 John 2:27 and John 14:29. He mentions that people are forever wanting to learn more and never really come to know the truth. People are ever learning, but not knowing the truth. The reason for that is that they have not made the Holy Spirit their teacher. They are always looking to man to be their teacher. Ephesians 4 Pastor Sydney references. Pastor Sydney read from John 14:16 and John 16:13-15. Reasons why you may not be hearing: 1) Are you a sheep? We have to stop being natural hearers. If you are not hearing the Lord, it is that He is not speaking to you. It is the matter of the people not listening or responding. 2) Because you got one foot in the church and one foot in the world. Pastor Sydney mentions the word already tells us what to do or has the answers for us. 3) If you have known unconfessed sin in your life. You to go back and clear up the unconfessed sin. Deal with sin quickly. Pastor Sydney references Psalms 66:18. Spiritual wisdom is what we need in decision making. He talked about a time where he prayed about what school for his children to attend and got no answer. He wondered why he didn’t get an answer and recognized that he had spoken curses over the schools he attended growing up. Once he repented he had gotten answers to where he should send his children for schooling. 4) You’re trying to hear from the wrong place.You cannot hear from the Lord if you are trying to hear from the wrong source. You would just end up getting burned. We are so reason and logic led. When the Lord gives us a word, we question on where it came from. It is the inner witness on the inside that would help us discern if it is God or not. If it is from the Lord, it will line up with the scripture. Pastor Sydney references 2 Timothy 3Acts 1:2Acts 8:29Acts 10:19Acts 11:12, and Acts 13:2 showing that the Spirit speaks. He also referenced Romans 8:1416Acts 15. Check in your spirit all that you hear.  You want to have peace about the situation, Romans 8:6. Don’t be voice led, be peace led. Pastor Sydney referenced Acts 16. Follow the empire of peace. Colossians 3:15, be led by His Holy Spirit.