Spiritual Gifts – Discerning of Spirits

Sunday December 18, 2016

A word was given about CWI being a special church, a church after God’s own heart, one that teaches the Word. Keep on keeping on. Seek His face. Know the Holy Spirit and trust God. Sermon: 1 Corinthians 12:31, 14:1, 39; 12:1-11. The manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one as the Spirit wills, wherever you may be. It is a knowing of something. There are three speaking, three revelation, and three power gifts. There may be several gifts working together at one time. To reveal means to uncover what is hidden. To discern means to detect with the eyes or other senses; to identify or separate or make distinction; to know or recognize; discovering, being sharp sighted. To discern the spirits is a supernatural ability, [not one seen or sensed by the natural senses]. We must be aware of the spiritual realm in order to be used in the spiritual gifts. Discerning of spirits means to see angels or evil spirits. Pastor Syd used wearing a glove to explain that what we see is the physical covering for the spirit of a person. The real person is a spirit, who is wearing an earth suit. Become aware of the unseen realm, so the gifts can come through you. Praying in tongues makes you more sensitive to the spiritual realm. We need to be able to discern the spirit in order to perceive the source of a spiritual manifestation, whether God, Satan, or man. It is important for us to realize our authority in Jesus Christ. There were testimonies: Paul Burkholder (supernatural healing from prostate cancer), the team who went to Guatemala; prayer for the security team.