Special Faith, Part 1

Sunday March 19, 2017

Let go of your past, and go by faith in the Word, not by feelings. If your sins are forgiven, it’s a lie to believe that your past holds you. The past does not hold you. It’s your holding onto your past that holds you. God doesn’t renovate your past; He removes it. Release your future. Pastor Syd ministered to various people, and in turn people ministered in prophetic words and prayer to him and Jen. Pastor Syd shared three powerful testimonies of great faith and God’s faithfulness, goodness, and protection. Be sensitive and obedient to the Lord, and be quick to change. In 1 Kings 17-19:2 we learn that Elijah was a man who walked in the gifts of the Spirit, especially that of great faith. He also walked in great obedience to the word from the Lord. God will hear you when you are in His will. God expects the prayers of the righteous to work (James 5).