Sowing the Word- part 2

Sunday December 3, 2017

The Gospel is the power of God. Pastor Sydney read from Romans 1:16. Ways to find the power of God;  a) Open up your bible, b) Ask Him, c) Follow the Spirit of God. God is the one that gives the ability to understanding, Pastor Sydney references Ephesians 1. Prayer is important. When we pray out then the change comes. Pastor Sydney read from Romans 10:17 and referenced John 3:8. You can believe something and it’s not faith. Real true faith comes from what God has said. James 5 shows the power in praying God’s word. John 3:16, God loves you and wants to save you from the mess you are in. Romans 15:17, preaching the good news of God. Pastor Sydney read from Acts 13:48Acts 14:1, and Acts 14:8. Pastor Sydney talked about an experience while preaching in Liberia Isaiah 53 was read. Ninety percent of the people that were healed had gotten healed after the word of God was read or spoken out. The Gospel is the power of God. Pastor Sydney read from Mark 4:2. He also talked about how the seed is planted for a purpose to life and that nothing is cancelled but, to be revealed. Pastor Sydney read from Acts 20:32. The sower sows the word. We are farmers! The power is in the seed. Pastor Sydney encourages us to sow into our hearts first. Don’t stop desiring the truth and continue to have revelation of God’s word. Abide in His word and let His word abide in you.