Sowing the Word- part 1

Sunday November 19, 2017

1) Acknowledge the person you are thanking. 2) Praise is when you brag on someone. We can boast about the Lord to one another. 3) We can worship the Lord and only Him. Pastor Sydney reads from Psalm 30. He mentions that the last recorded words of Mary is “to do what He tells you to do”.  Pastor Sydney talked about the need of having his wife in the service so that God could use her to share testimonies with the body. Pastor Sydney encourages us to do our part in the Body of Christ, and to do it unto the Lord. Pastor Sydney reads from Romans 1. The Lord has placed on his heart is to go back and listen to the messages from the beginning sermons. The Lord wants to focus on the foundation.  Pastor Sydney refers to Matthew 23:8. In Ephesians, Jesus gave us a teacher. We depend on our father or someone we look to to be our guide or mentor. We have to recognize who “The Father” is. We are not to look at man to be our teacher, but we are to look to the Holy Spirit. Pastor Sydney read from Romans 1:16. God’s righteousness is revealed. The measure of faith is your ability to believe the promise that what Jesus did was for you. The good news is the very power of God. When the good news comes to you the power of God comes with that. It is important that we be speakers of the Word. Never underestimate the seeds that have been planted. Pastor Sydney references Ephesians 2Mark 4:2, in sowing, some of the seeds fell on the ground and some on the pathway. Mark 4:13-20, the sower sows the word. When you go about things in your life in sowing the Word. It is not our job to determine where the Word gets sown at. Pastor Sydney encouraged us to not give into the temptation. Where ever we have sown seed that it will still grow. Plant the seed, even if it is not good soil. Be sowers of the Word of God into your hearts first then to others. Paul says that one plants, the other one waters, and God gives the increase and causes growth. Let’s be Planters of the Word!