Heart talk from the Father

Sunday September 24, 2017

Karen Burrows speaks about how we get to do and learn in the flesh right now. There are three things that are on the Father’s heart. In Genesis 3 Eve believed a lie before she had sinned. The devil is trying to undermine and under value the word of God in your life. Before a person sins they believe a lie. The bible says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. We have to discern between God thoughts and devil thoughts (truth or a lie). Karen gave the example of whenever she heard it was the flu season she always got prepared for it and always got the flu but, then found out about the truth of God’s healing power. Karen referenced 1 Peter 2:24. Jesus legally came on the earth to do whatever with what He gave them. Number one problem God had is the very gift He gave humanity, which is free will. Number two problem God had is that His kids’ mindsets, the way they think. Once you get born again, it is the beginning of discipleship. We are learning the ways of the Lord. Change is not just a six letter word. We are to be moving from glory to glory and faith to faith. You have to let go of the lie in order to grasp the truth. Intentionally let go of the lie, unbelieve the lie; get the word of God; come into agreement with God, and figure out where the lie started. We all have the free will to make the decisions. If you stay with the truth you will have a sure foundation. Salvation is vertical, it is between the person and God. The heart is God’s business. Karen reads out of John 8:44. Karen read out of 2 Peter 3:91 John 1:7, and Ephesians 1:17. Forgiveness is where we start. I want to forgive because I know I should but, I do not want them to get away with it. Karen shares what the Lord has for the church body. “I want them to have the sense of injustice. To be aware of what they are doing. I feel somehow that if I forgive them they are not going to understand and that they will do it again.” It is not the Father’s heart for sin to be done repeatedly. Karen read out of Mark 11:25. Forgiveness is a decision of your heart. Forgiveness is not an emotion. Karen references John 20:23. Retain means to keep possession of. If you retain sin it will make you to what that sin is. Loosening and forgiving or containing and retaining. 2 Timothy 4:13, we see a change of judgement to mercy. Mercy triumphs judgement. The power of sin has the power to transform into something itself. Ephesians 2:1, trespass is an offense against a person it’s horizontal (with the brother and sisters); James 5:16. Do not rehearse the curse. Karen read out of Matthew 18:15, Luke 11:4,  and 1 Corinthians 3:1-15. Holiness is being transparent. Keep your eyes on the Father. Jesus Christ is your sure foundation. Everyone has the responsibility of how their foundation is built!

Offering Message by Jen Ropp:
What are motives are is what God wants us to pay attention to. Jen speaks out of 2 Corinthians 9:7. Jen questions why people tithe? Is it because it is our duty? Those are all wrong motives. In our giving we want faith to be tied behind it and to trust God.

Skype with Pastor Sydney Ropp and Our Missionary Family:
Looking at the book of John where Jesus washes the feet of the disciples. Peter didn’t want Jesus to wash his feet. Jesus said to him that if he doesn’t let him wash his feet then he has no part of Him. John 13:12. A servant isn’t greater than his master. There is a great reward for those who go and for those who send out the missionaries.