Sunday August 21, 2016

Prophet Tim ministered prophetically in song. There are many seasons that we go through. We need to understand the season we are in. In the times of expectancy, between the sowing and the reaping, there is a time when fear tries to arise, like a couple right before they are getting married. Tim shared about the seasons in the church his parents pastored and then he pastored. There were waves of people coming and going. In the new season that we are in, we need to walk through with the same trust in God that got us to where we are. Using a box of tissues, Tim demonstrated how he took the prophetic words given to him and allowed himself to package the picture of his life, which was not really God’s package. Because of it, he missed God’s desire for him. Decide to align with His desire for the next season. We are here with purpose. Can I go forward in the purposes of God? May we not get weary.