Safe and Secure – God’s Warnings Protect Us – Nov 30

Sunday November 30, 2014

Psalm 91. Faith for protection comes from hearing the Word on it. Our part to protection is #1 Say God is my refuge and my fortress. #2 Have faith and trust. #3 Do not fear. God’s part in verse 3 is to care for us, deliver us, and cover us. The world is not a safe place to live, but you can be safe in it. Psalm 91:11 and 12 tell us that God has angels to protect us, and He will give them orders concerning us to protect us. Our part is to have faith. Psalm 34:7 says that the LORD encamps all around those who fear and honor Him, and He delivers them from danger. We have a personal angel. Matthew 18:10 says the little ones have angels, and they do not leave when the little ones grow up. Do not try to test your angel. Angels are created, whereas we are born. We are sons of the Most High; the angels are not. Angels are not feminine. Hebrews 13:2 relates that we can meet and interact with angels without knowing it, because they can take on human form. Do not look for angels, and do not worship them. Do not pray to or converse with angels. We can talk to God through the Holy Spirit. Make sure what they say lines up with the Word of God. If it does not, it might be an angel of light (of the devil). There are doctrines of devils. God’s angels are powerful. In 2 Kings 19:32-37 (and 2 Chronicles 32:21) the angel of the LORD struck down 185,000 people, who were like the special forces of that army. Psalm 68:17 tells us that there are thousands of thousands of angels. Elisha prayed that his servant would be able to see that there were more angelic forces than physical enemies. There is rank among angels, such as archangels. What is our part in working with angels? Psalm 103 notes that angels obey God’s Word, listening to the voice of His Word. Hebrews 1:13 and 14 say that ministering spirits are for those who will inherit salvation. Our part is to speak the Word of God. Acts 12:1-19 is about an angel freeing Peter from prison, while the church was praying. Sixteen lives were lost to save Peter, because the guards were executed for letting a prisoner “escape”. Angels assisted Lot and his family, the three men in the fiery furnace, Daniel in the lions’ den, and Paul and Silas in prison. God respects (honors) faith, not people. How do we qualify for God’s protection? We must be in the secret place. We must be obedient – going and telling others about the Word and Jesus. The Lord has given His angels charge over you.