Rwanda and Namibia on Assignment from God

Sunday May 8, 2016

Gene English showed pictures and shared about his recent mission trip to Rwanda and Namibia, Africa. As part of the trip, he attended a Global Teen Challenge Conference in Rwanda. He also was looking for properties that could possibly be used for future Teen Challenge sites. While he was in Rwanda, he visited the Genocide Memorial, commemorating the death of the over one million people of the Tutu tribe, who were killed by a rival Rwandan tribe. Namibia also suffered much slaughter, but theirs was due to apartheid. A fruitful harvest requires a fruitful witness. We need to get past being afraid of rejection when we talk to strangers about Jesus Christ. We get comfortable, but we need to know that God is going to give us the words to speak when we step out to share Christ. We need to think about the lost. How is God going to use me to reach the lost? Remember where you were before you came to Jesus. We can see the goodness of God. You begin with the Word of God. Then you see that you are the righteousness of God. Your mind gets renewed by the Word, and you begin believing and confessing the Word. Your thinking changes. We are commissioned to reach the lost. We need to be faithful witnesses. The process may be ugly, but the result is good. Matthew 9:38, 38 tell about praying for the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into the harvest. Intercede for the lost (Psalm 2:8). Cry out for them. Gene told about Isaac Watts, who was an atheist at that time, confronting a Christian woman. She had three sons, and the first one heard from God to go to the mission field. He was killed, and her second son heard the same call to go. He went to complete the work the first one started, but he was killed. The third son also was called to complete his brothers’ work, but he, too, was killed. When Isaac Watts confronted her in the market place, he asked her, “How can you love that God? Don’t you regret it?” Her answer was, “Yes, I regret- that I don’t have another son to send to finish the work!” Ask God, “How can I be used by You today?” Let’s purpose to reach the lost for the kingdom of God. Pray that you may have a love for the lost. Are you casting out seeds? Are you multiplying? How can I build bridges? Ask God to stir up your gifts.