Revelation to a Deeper Depth Part 1

Sunday January 16, 2011

Pastor Dale tells about Gene Olon praying for someone in the “cake line” at a wedding. He also tells about praying for a man to be filled with the Holy Spirit while he was driving. Bob Hawk expounds on the word from the Lord given to him between Christmas and New Year’s 2009 about equipping us for His purpose. Sharpen your skill to listen to Him. He will quicken and illuminate what He already has in store for us. The spirit of confusion and fear has to be broken over the Body of Christ. CWI has a breaking anointing to set people free and set them into their destiny. After Oral Roberts died, there was an adjustment, a rearranging. God told Bob, “Revelations to deeper depth with a stronger flow will be released to My people. Righteousness, power to live right before the Lord, understanding how to stand in order in His body.” God is going to make adjustments in us, rearranging us, and putting us in order. Confusion comes into a church when people are out of order. Bob explains “righteousness” and “shift”. We were created for this time, and we must walk worthy, presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice, and stand perfect and complete in the will of God. We must shift from believing lies, tradition, and what symptoms say in our bodies, to the truth, which is the only thing we can agree upon.