Restoring The Ministry of Jesus

Saturday June 5, 2021

He wants to bring recovery. The question isn’t what would Jesus do? The question is why aren’t we doing what Jesus did? Pastor Jake shared what his life was like and how he began to just want the truth of God. Being Christian is to be like Christ. We have lowered the goal. We don’t have any excuses He has made the way. What did Jesus do? preaching, teaching, healing, and deliverance. To preach is to declare and to bring good news about the Kingdom of God. There is a new King in town. To turn away from sin. Teaching is expounding or explaining the Word. Pastor Jake mentioned how he was skeptical about healing. However, God’s Word changed him. God doesn’t adapt to our culture. Pastor Jake talked about how the Lord showed him his calling in a dream. That being a deliverance ministry. We adapt to His. Evil spirits do exist. It doesn’t mean that you’re an evil person if you need deliverance. How do we began to take steps? Intimacy with the Father. Compassion, Jesus was motivated by love. Authority is His ministry worked with. We have to be grounded in His authority. Power comes from the Holy Spirit.

Luke 4:16-21     Matthew 4:23-24      Mark 1:39      John 12:24     John 14:12