Repent and Pursue God’s Presence

Sunday May 15, 2011

Our assignment is to go to the next level for this region, this nation, and other nations. Pray for a demonstration of His power. Take authority over the strategies of the enemy and do what you are to do. There is power, but there is a cost to pay. Don’t miss the will of God for your life. It will take greater seeking for His presence. God wants our heart. In 2 Chronicles 7:14 we are told to 1) humble ourselves, not others. Pride is thinking you can do it yourself. 2) Pray. 3) Seek His face (presence). 4) Turn from your evil ways. We must produce. Don’t allow heart issues to continue. Mal. 3:1-3 tells us that God was sending a messenger who would be like the refiner and the launderer. We need to deal with any heart issues and sin in our lives. The fire refines and purifies what is gross. The baptism of fire must be invited. It can be resisted if you don’t want to change. Luke 3:16. God wants His church to reflect His image. Matt. 3:1-5 tells of John the Baptist calling for people to repent, think differently, change their conduct. We can change the atmosphere for miracles. Matt. 4:17 Jesus said for people to repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. In Mark 1:2-15 Immediately after Jesus received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, He was sent into the wilderness. We must repent and believe and do. Doing is where the manifestations of glory take place. Mark 6:7-12 The twelve disciples also preached that people should repent. Allow your heart to be changed by the fire of His presence. Acts 3:19 Repent and be converted that your sin may be blotted out and times of refereshing from the presence of the Lord. Conversion will change people and they way they think and act. Worship the true God and turn back to the love of wisdom and righteousness. Pursue God and His presence. Repentance is not a bad message.