Receiving Jesus

Sunday September 8, 2019
Pastor Sydney Ropp mentioned  that the law of love is what the people are living under today. Jesus taught love and repentance.
Word given by the Lord through Troy:
 Today is the day of miracles. For my day is greater and longer than any of yours. I am the God of miracles and if my day holds miracles then so too does yours. Take hold of the miracle made for you. Don’t look to the place that are temporary fixes in life .Take hold of the miracle made for you.  Look to the place that you will find wholeness. There is no limit to the miracles I have for my people. No limit to the size or the quantity. I pour out My miracles upon you. You need to reach and take hold those made for you. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, and don’t doubt. For today is the day of miracles.
Word from the Lord through Shane and Sandi:
Find the time. To not wait for the time. There is no time for excuses. It is time now. There is no  more waiting. Get up and run because I will be right beside you. That fear is a choice and it is not from Me. Don’t call that your own. So, don’t pick it u, run. I am always here. Time is short, run. Miracles and more miracles from where my passion flow my miracles flow. Where My fire flows, My miracles flow. Where My  glory is present, my miracles flows.
Word from the Lord through Pastor Jen:
I love those children. I want to rescue those children. I also love you. I want to rescue you. I’m knocking at you heart’s door. Will you let Me in. Will you let go and let Me in. I want to rescue you.
Main Message:
Pastor Sydney Ropp read out of John 3:1 and referenced John 17,  John 7, and John 19.  The lust of the eye is what you can see and desire. Lust of the flesh are things that your flesh desires. What you can see, touch and feel, and things that you want is what rules the world. Pastor Sydney read Luke 18:15. You have to let everything go in the past. It is dishonorable to say sweet baby Jesus. Even used in the context to anyone else like the president is not honorable. As a child we welcome and honor the Lord. Pastor Sydney reference Mark 10.