Prophetic Word for This Season

Sunday October 23, 2016

Pastor Syd: Studies done by Harvard and Yale showed that without a divine move of the Lord this nation will sink. Isaiah 60:1-5. The light is shining even in the darkness. Raise your eyes. Look at what is eternal. Be full of faith. Second Chronicles 7:14 is a promise, regardless of who is elected to be president. Stand in faith and take authority. If My people … then the last part will come. The lies are: if so and so gets elected, we’re through; only so and so can save us now. We aren’t done, regardless of who is elected. We walk by faith. Our country began with a covenant in 1607 at Jamestown, between Reverend Hunt and the people of the ship. They prayed and dedicated the land to reach the people of the new land with the gospel. They prayed for the people to be used to evangelize the world, so that the Scriptures would be fulfilled.

The second part is a prophetic word given in Oregon for the congregation there and for our congregation here and now. Pastor Syd and Jen heard the word as though it was spoken to us here. Keep praying. Keep hope alive. Don’t give up. It is a new season. What you prayed for is being released. I will not relent. The greatest push of My kingdom is coming quickly. What’s coming we’ve never seen before. It is the third great awakening. It is the season of My surge. It will be like the book of Acts on steroids! There is a new breed of remnant warriors for this hour. They have the countenance of Daniel and Esther and the heart of David and the wisdom of Solomon. They won’t be bought and won’t compromise. They are humble. They determine culture and turn the world upside down. The regulators of the culture are coming to their posts. You will know angels are helping you. There will be revelation from messenger angels. Signs and wonders will be breaking out because of angelic activity and the Holy Spirit. He is going to move into the world where life happens. Students will stand up in the classroom, and they will have angelic support and evident support. Focus on Jesus and partner with His angels. The remnant will pray and resist and stand for truth. I will battle for My people. I will not be indifferent. I will thunder against unrighteous roots. I will not be mocked. You are warriors of purpose. I will reveal revival fire engines, places emanating with Holy Spirit fire. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the tangible presence of God will turn this nation. Vortexes of “tornadic” fire will spin through regions. Lay hold by faith. The Holy Spirit winds are fanned. Consume with Holy Spirit fire. It must be supernatural. Remnant warriors burn with My presence. People will come to watch us burn. Messengers of faith will be Holy Spirit-possessed reformers. They will release My power. There will be creative miracles. When the miracles start, everything will change. I am bringing forth a new Pentecost. You will war differently. Breathe deeper. Dominate hell’s kingdom. Push the gates of hell. You shall be more than conquerors, so shift. Change. Think differently. Pray differently. He is coming for a glorious church, His bride. We are on the winning side. Shift into the new season that He has ordained. It is the season of My awakening, the harvest. Rise with Me and move into destiny. Rise and receive your Pentecost. The prophetic speaker then prayed for passion, humility, desperation, prayer, worship, and for that church (and ours) to be one of the fire engine places, the firstfruits of this awakening. God will speak in new ways and on new levels with His thoughts. There will be a marriage between the generations. An army of young warriors will be sent around the world. Get out of every box and take off the lid. Inwardly, let My wild nature come. Let your worship be radical and your faith strong and radical. I will cause the gift of faith to come on you. Come into your apostolic calling. Holy Spirit fire be released. Let the leaders drink of this fullness. Let the angelic host be released and My mercy be released so schools, homes, and churches burn. May people be dissatisfied with religion and seek the anointing.