Prophetic Conference – Greatness by Connection

Friday January 10, 2014
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In 2 Kings 4:8 it is recorded that Elisha the Prophet went to Shunem, where there was a great woman. Why was this woman called great? She was called great because of her connections. First, she was connected with the Lord. Your first connection must be with Him to receive His power. You need to follow Him personally and pray. Secondly, she connected with the prophet of God, Elisha. She insisted that he stay with them, and she stayed connected with him. Thirdly, she was connected with her husband. They were one in the Spirit. Discuss God’s purpose in your life with your spouse. Finally, she connected with her people. She said that she was provided for and didn’t need anything because she dwelt among her people. Similarly Ruth connected and stayed connected with Naomi and then later with Boaz. She was “least” when she came to Naomi’s homeland, but she ended up married to the landowner, because she stayed connected. Ruth was King David’s great grandmother. When you look at people’s beginnings, they may not seem to be that important, but God sees greatness. When there is a connection in the Spirit, there is provision, such as when Elisha prayed for the Shunammite woman to have a baby. When you care for the prophet, you receive a prophet’s reward. When there is a Spirit connection, there is protection, as demonstrated in Elisha’s telling her about the upcoming famine. When there is a Spirit connection, there is restoration. Because of Elisha, the land was restored to the woman when she returned to it.