Prophecy: Get Ready for the Coming Harvest

Sunday August 21, 2016

Prophet Tim Byler prophesied in song and taught prophetically to the CWI congregation about the coming harvest. We are responsible for the atmosphere for the coming harvest. When Joshua went to Jericho, as the first conquest after the years in the wilderness, God told the Israelites to burn everything but to take the metals that were the gods of the people of Jericho and to spare the household of the harlot, Rahab. The metals were consecrated for the tabernacle, and Rahab let go of her past life. The way we used to reach people does not work now. We need to not touch their sin, but love the people, and let God bring the conviction. We cannot treat the coming harvest by “burning their houses” and “confiscating their idols.” We need to see what God sees in the people who will be coming. The enemy will try to use what we see, so we must see what God sees and values in them. There is a caution: Because we judge what we see, our atmosphere internally goes to warfare against what is not to our standard. Harvesting and working with the people who are coming will be hard work. Sinners see the church as their opposition. We are not going to address their sin, but to love them, love justice, and walk humbly before our God. We need to open our hearts. Most have been abused at a very young age. We need to see God in the situation, rather than just seeing the situation. We can be the church that loves the unloved. Oswald Smith said that no one has the right to hear the gospel twice until everyone has heard it once. Tim shared how he just talks to people and shows love. Twelve guys came to Jesus as a result of his talking to one man. Do not let someone’s sin offend you. We are commanded to love. Let God work out the requirements. God is putting in front of us people no one wants. Everyday you can change the atmosphere for those unloved people. Ask for compassion for the lost and to see the beauty inside each person. God will send the desperate, hurting, and unloved. We will show them who God is and the value, hope, and beauty in them. Show mercy and grace. You have no right to a harvest that you have judged. There was a time of repentance and commitment to see the people who are coming as Jesus sees them. Let us hear the cry of the hurting, sense their desperation, and move with compassion. God, set us free so we can set others free. The spirit of the evangelist is rising in us. He had prophetic words for Pastor Demeke and Pastor Syd and Jen. Count the ones who walk in. Do not judge when someone shifts. Some will not be able to walk with the pastor through this.