Preparation and Position in the Four Seasons

Sunday June 13, 2010

Dr. Paul Ang of Malaysia spoke prophetic words over several people, and then preached on the four seasons in the Book of Ruth. Each season requires the right response and decision to get to a greater destiny. The first season is famine, recession, loss, lack of opportunity, resources, etc. During this season it’s important to worship God, hold onto His hand, and move on, because this season does not last. Get better, not bitter. The second season is the barley harvest. This is the time when you see divine favor, provision, and connection. You can get connected with three types of people: walls (restrict you), windows (help you to see the right perspective), and doors (take you to another place). The third season is that of transition. This is preparation for the greatest season. It’s time to take off those old things and put on the new. Right now the church is in the midnight season. The fourth season is that of significance, when you can impact nations and generations. Ruth and Boaz were in the lineage of Jesus.