Prayer & Fasting

Sunday April 15, 2018
Pastor Sydney shared how he was shown what his path way in the past had looked like. Then, it was revealed that the winding and pot hole pathway is all covered with the blood of Jesus!
Main Message:

Pastor Sydney read out of James 5:13, we have instructions from the Lord.  Pray the prayer of faith. Don’t ever look at your circumstances to line up with truth. Declare the word of God over your situation. You cannot forgive if you don’t love. Jesus taught us that it’s our responsibility to ask Him for what we need. Pastor Sydney gave a recap of his teachings on prayer. A time to say and time to pray, Mark 11. Learn to be persistent prayer and in faith. Pastor Sydney talks about intercession.

Mark 9:15
Matthew 17:19
Daniel 19:3
Luke 2
Acts 10:30
Acts 13:2-3
Acts 14 
Pastor Sydney talked about fasting and praying does not give you the authority. Fasting affects you and gets your attention. It affects your sensitivity to the Lord. It’s learning to say no to the flesh.
Ephesians 3:19
Mark 9:33
Isaiah 58
Ministry of reconciliation!